Finlay Church Memorial Karate Course for Brain Tumour Research

Finlay Church Memorial Karate Course for Brain Tumour Research

14th Sep 2017

 Finlay Church 2nd Dan 2004 – 2015
 Memorial Karate Course &
 Fundraiser for Brain Tumour Research

 “Big Hope Strong will”

Open to all Students
Cost: £15 per student - £25 for Bro/Sis – 3rd child Free. Book your place with your own club instructor, payments by cash only,
Pay on the day if you wish All students are welcome.
Bring plenty of drinks and food, there will be several short breaks.
Register from 9.30am onwards Time 10am to 3pm
All Proceeds go to Brain Tumour Research
Date: Sunday September 24th
Venue: Walsall College The Hub, Littleton Street, West Walsall, WS28ES
This will be a fun Karate course, learning fighting techniques, Kata, Pad Work, Fitness and agility training, and (Safety Rubber Nunchaku Training) We will provide all Nunchakus. Mitts and Pads are provided for padwork training, if you have your own mitts bring them along.
Course Instructors
Top Japanese Instructor Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan
Chief Instructor Steve Moore 5th Dan
Finlay’s Sensei Jags Shoker 3rd Dan
Senior Instructor Jamie Donaghy 4th Dan
Fight Club Coach Lyle Moore 3rd Dan
Parents should return to the course from 2pm onwards where
Wayne/Penny (Finlay’s Parents) will speak about Finlay his journey, his achievements, fundraising, treatment, the way forward for research etc. Penny/Wayne will be selling Brain Tumour Research wrist bands, providing info etc to help raise extra funds.
Please Support this course Finlay loved his Karate, and was passionate about helping others and raising funds all the way through his treatment.
Follow link's to see more information about Finlay
Finlays Journey
Steve/Selina Moore

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