Black Belt Grading 

All students have to complete 13 obligatory Black belt courses to meet the required standard for the Black belt grading, in addition to passing the Pre grading and the Dan grading. These are on top of each students normal class training. If any student is not committed to take part in the training they will not be eligible to train for their Black belts.

Train in two sessions a week, every week, no excuses, if you miss a class make it up at another venue 

 To achieve the required standard a lot of effort and practice is needed from you alone, you cannot pass your Black Belt without practicing in your own time.

All students 

In the event of failure of a Dan Grading
 Candidates can retake their exam at the pregrading the following year there is no charge for a retake. 1st Dan candidates will not have to do another project.

 Of course students dont have to worry about this if they have passed first time and have prepared properly.

What is expected of you on the day of the Black Belt grading? 
All five Pinan Katas, four Black Belt katas, all Black Belt Basics and combinations,  and Ohyo Kumite, Ippon Kumite, Kihon Kumite, Tanto Dori (Pair Work). (See the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dan Syllabus for any variations)

Counteract nerves by thinking positively, remember it has taken about five years and a lot of effort to reach this stage. 
If there is anything you are worried about, talk to Sensei Steve, Paul or Jamie. 
Practice, katas, basics, self defence and Ippon Kumite techniques in particular.

 Make sure you know all of the stances in Japanese as you will be asked to do these by the examiner. 

Try and practice with other students who are taking their Black Belt grading. 
An essential reference book is katas of Wado Ryu by Shingo Oghami this can be ordered from any major bookstore.

All candidates have to complete a 2000 word project to be handed in to their own club instructor in September. 

Black Belt Project, 1st Dans only, To be handwritten neatly, or word processed to be bound in a plastic folder and handed in early September, so that students can use the six weeks holidays to complete. 

About 2000 words to include an introduction, a brief history, an overview of various styles of martial arts.

Sensei Steven Moore 5th Dan

WKF English Karate Federation