Q. Where are the courses held 
A. 1st Dan's candidates attend courses at Walsall College The Hub, Littleton Street West, WS28ES.  Times 2.15pm to 5.15pm (unless otherwise stated.) NB Some courses are held on Sunday Morning's.

A. 2nd and 3rd Dan candidates attend the Killock in Aldridge, Killock, Logwood Lane, Aldridge, WS53AT Times  2.30 to 5.30pm

Q. How Much do They cost
A. £39 per student £70 for siblings - 3rd child no fees payable

Q. What happens if my children have to miss a course
A. Any student that misses a course has to make it up either at the Killock on a Saturday morning from 11am to 1.45pm, or at Streetly Community Centre 10am to 1pm, pay online for the missed course as normal before attending. (Must be arranged with your class instructor in advance)

Q. Can we pay up front for the courses
A. Yes 1 child £468 cash or cheque made payable to CKSA - Handed in at the 1st course attended
A. Yes 2 Children £840 cash or cheque made payable to CKSA - Handed in at the 1st course attended
A. 3rd child is free for all courses/Gradings

Q. Do all students have to attend the Pre grading 
A. Yes all candidates

Q. Do all Students need a full sparring kit for each course attended
A. Yes, (Write the students name on the inside, many kits are lost at the courses)

Q. How do i receive up to date information on the course dates/changes training times etc
A. We need your Up to date E mail Address, you will receive monthly updates
Q. My child is worried about completing the Black Belt Project
A. It is really important that your child attends the Black Belt project course, each instructor will work with a small group of students and go through each section of the project and discuss the answers in the groups, after the course all the students then need to do is write it up/Word process it in their own time. 

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