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Grading Procedure

Cost and Procedure: The cost of the grading includes the grading exam, certificate and belt. If the student is successful in passing their grading, they will be awarded their belts up to 2 weeks after the grading, the licence and certificate will be returned up to 4 weeks later.

Club Gradings Are held at the individual students club and are conducted by their own instructor and cost £35.

Licences: Licences must be valid and presented on the day of the grading, filled in correctly with the students name, address, photo ID and the parents signature. Failure to produce licence (or holds an expired licence) means the student will be unable to grade or train in any of the classes.

Failing a Grading: If a student fails a grading the student will be re-entered for the next grading 8 to 10 weeks later at no extra cost. Students are expected to learn the techniques that are needed for the grading they are taking. Children are not graded on Katas until they take their 8th Kyu Yellow belt.

Marking System: Students are marked out of 10 for each section of their grading which may consist of the following, depending on the grade they are taking
Basics, Combinations, Kicks, Punches, Blocks, Japanese, Pad Work, Sparring and Katas. Students must achieve a mark of 5 or above in each section to pass the grading.

When do gradings take place: Gradings are held in March, June, October and December the weeks in between may vary because of school holidays.

Younger Children: The current syllabus is used for children and adults alike and a certain amount of flexibility is given for younger children i.e five to ten year olds. The techniques are very difficult for younger children to learn and the examiner will take this into consideration when grading these students.

Special Needs: Children who have special needs will receive the support and guidance that they need for gradings from the examiner and the club instructor. Please make sure that the examiner is informed of a students special needs before the grading takes place.

Is my child ready for the grading: This question is frequently asked to instructors, if the club instructor feels that the students has a good chance of passing the grading then the student will be entered. The instructor must be trusted to make the correct decision on this matter.

Sparring Equipment: A full sparring kit consisting of boots, mitts, shin pads, & Gum shield must be available to be worn by the students for all gradings from 7th Kyu (Orange Belt) and above, students will be expected to demonstrate basic Kumite (Fighting) skills in order to pass their gradings. 



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