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Tournament Guide for Parents and Students

Check the web site kombatkids.com for forthcoming karate Competitions.

Under Dates and Events, click on Forthcoming Tournaments. NB Students can only enter competitions that are advertised on our web site, all entries have to made through your own club instructor. Any students entering a tournament without permission from their own club instructor will be asked to leave Kombat Federation.

Let your club instructor know that you are interested in your child entering a tournament.

What equipment is needed?

A valid Karate licence

For competing in Kata all you need is a Karate suit

For competing in Kumite (Fighting) all you need is a Karate suit and a sparring kit comprising of Mitts, Boots and a gum Shield. Cost £30 (Can be ordered off our web site)

If you have a club tracksuit wear it for all tournaments.

What belts do you wear?
 A Blue and a Red Belt, each competitor has to wear either a Red or a Blue belt to designate which corner they are standing in. The scoring system gives points to either the students wearing a Blue or Red belt. Students do not wear their own graded belts. Belts can be purchased from Kombat Federation.

When should my child start competing? 
Mistakes that many parents make regarding competition are waiting too long to enter their kids into comps, kids should be entering from Yellow belt onwards, to gain experience early on. Children of course who do start later can still do well, but usually the earlier a child starts the better.

How do they categorise the competitors?
 For Kata students are usually entered in categories determined by the students age and grade, Yellow belts don’t compete against Black belts.

For Kumite (Fighting) students are categorised by Age, weight, height and grade, organisers try to make it as fair as possible.

How much does it cost to compete?
 It depends on the competition but usually it is £10 to £12 per category entered

£15 for a pair entry so that would be £7.50 each student, if entering in a team event it would be about £6 per student. Spectators are usually charged £5 per person.

Do Parents have to stay? 
Yes any student under the age of 18 years has to be accompanied by a parent for the duration of a tournament.

How long does a tournament last? 
The Kata competition is always first, with Kumite second. Parents have to arrive usually around 9am, the comp can go on until 8 o clock at night.

Meet at the designated time and place set by the head coach, for a short briefing and to ask any questions. All parents and athletes will enter at the same time, try to sit together so it is easier for the coaches to find athletes, we can watch each others belongings, chat and generally enjoy the day. This is also good for new students entering their first tournament who will be very nervous, so that they can meet the other athletes and parents and see that they are part of a club, not on their own.

 Should my children attend Squad training sessions?
 Attend squad training sessions held by Kombat Federation in their area, these are purpose built for teaching students Kata and Kumite to help them prepare for Competition. They are advertised on the web site under Dates and Events.

How do you cope with not winning?
 Students and parents also need to Learn to deal with repeated failure without losing heart and realise that coping with failure is a necessary process for competition. When first entering the students need time to:


1.     Adapt to the competition process

2.     Cope with the pressure of competing

3.     Cope with their own expectations and parents

4.     Improve their techniques in Kata and Kumite

5.     Learn how to compete, developing the mind set that is needed to get through rounds.

6.     Learn how to fight under referees and rules, which with an added pressure of an audience can at first be quite intimidating.


How many competitions should my child enter per year?
 If you are serious about competitions try to enter as many as possible.

 What is the parents role at a Competition?

1. Transport,

2. feeding general care of the student all day

3. listening out for the categories called.

4. Make sure they are not wearing jewellery, hair tied back with an elastic band.

5. Must bring a valid licence to the comp

6. Not coaching the students, leave them to it, just encourage and support.

Referee’s Decisions
 Referees decisions are final and cant be overturned, there are a lot of good refs, mostly with good intentions but mistakes are made and decisions sometimes dont go our way. Most of the time they are trying to do their best, all athletes and coaches have to learn to live with decisions we may disagree with. Parents cannot complain to a referee or competition organiser directly,  if they do so they risk having the whole squad disqualified from the comp. The only person who can raise any concerns at a comp is a Kombat Federation coach, Steve, or Selina. If you have a concern tell a coach immediately. Mistakes are made, kids are missed out of categories, so parents need to watch what is going on when their child is competing.

General Info 
Bring the students licence with you, check that it is valid, this does not need to be shown to anyone unless asked for by a referee or coach.

Bring plenty of water and sports drinks, such as lucozade sport etc.

Get changed into your gi when you arrive at the tournament, make sure that gi bottoms are off the heel. Only the association badge on the suit is allowed, no rolled up sleeves.

Do not change out of your gi until your category has finished and you have cleared it with your coach, please note with the repercharge system students may be called back onto the mat, even though they have been beaten.

Athletes who are entering kata competition, should start practicing straight away, get a feel for the mat, find out which way you are facing for your kata, practice walking on and bowing, teams and pairs should go through their chosen kata.

Which level of competition are you aiming for

Kombat Federation have students who enter competitions all over the country on a regular basis from March to October, students don't enter tournaments in Jan, Dec, and our clubs are closed during August.

 If you go to the web site kombatkids.com and go to the Everything Tournament section to see our results over the years. We have an impressive squad who win Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in both kata and Kumite.

Attending Tournaments
Kombat Federation have to abide by a rule set by the WKF called Statute 21.9, which states that any member of the WKF or EKF cannot attend any competitions both at home and abroad that are not sanctioned by the WKF. None of our students can attend any tournaments in their own right, all entries have to made through the main office of Kombat Federation.

Any student that breaks this rule would be asked to leave the club and would not be able to train with Kombat Kids any longer.

 Through our coaching process everything is in Place for a student to compete at

1. Domestic tournament level, 

2. International level, (Held in this country only)

3. Attend the official England squad sessions, and attend selections for the England A squad. Once a student is selected for the A squad this enables them to attend selections to compete for the England squad at European and World level.

There are 3 levels of training expectations. Select the level of competition that you can commit to and take into consideration the time, effort, commitment and finance that is needed to compete at the third level.

 No 1. Domestic Tournaments Requires a student to train a minimum of twice per week with their own club instructor, and attend squad sessions. Students need to be Red belt and above
5 years and over. Students can attend domestic tournaments only.

No 2. International and domestic tournaments train twice per week with their own club instructor, attend centrals squad sessions, and attend any extra training that is advised.

No 3. International tournaments, domestic tournaments, and England squad sessions in Luton (Kumite only). Train twice a week with own instructor, train with Sensei Moore on a Saturday and attend squad sessions. Be realistic to get in the England squad you have to be training hard and attending as many tournaments as possible.

14 years and above,  Brown Belts and above only. Students can attend the England squad training sessions in Luton from 13 years and above if they fulfill the above criteria. But can only select for the England A squad from the age of 14 years and above.

in addition students who are 15 years and above will also have the opportunity to train under Wayne Otto OBE 9 times world champion on a weekly basis in Birmingham, this class is a really tough class with several international fighters training regularly. Students have to be recommended by Sensei Moore to attend.

IF you want to enter a few competitions to see how you get on, then choose option 1.

If you want to enter All the domestic comps and the Internationals then option 2. Is for you

If you want to make karate your main sport and are willing to make the sacrifices, hard work and dealing with the disapointments then choose option 3, you will be training hard regularly and will need to take your karate seriously.

Whichever option you choose as a student and a parent is completely up to you, parents have to weigh up the amount of time, money and commitment a student can make to competition 

 Five of our students have been selected for the EKF England A Kumite squad.   



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