Club Policies

Parent Code of Conduct at Competition

Help us to keep your child safe by encouraging them to learn the rules about safety and acceptable behaviour and to participate within them.

Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results. Praise your child for effort and achievement, never punish or belittle a child for poor performance or making mistakes.

Be a positive role model by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding the performance of all.

Accept official's decisions in competition, addressing any queries through the Kombat Federation Association Head (Steve or Selina Moore) or  Appointed Head Coach in their absence.

Support your child's involvement and help them to enjoy their sport. Make sure your child wants to take part in karate - never force them because it is something you want them to do.

Always ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity. Our dress code is bare feet, appropriate gi for both kumite and kata. Ensure your child has the approved body protection. Kombat Federation Club T-shirt and trackie top must be worn on arrival and leaving. Hair needs to be tied back where possible and all jewellery removed.
Ensure your child's gi sizing and body protection is compliant with regulation of WKF requirements. If you are unsure speak to you club instructor.

Always ensure your child is supplied with an adequate amount of drinks.

Keep us informed if your child is ill or unable to attend and notify pre-existing injuries or illness to the Head coach.

Ensure your child arrives on time and registers with the Head coach.

Under 18 years old, all children must have a parent/carer in attendance at competition.

Any child attending a competition with a person who is not their parent will need to provide a signed letter of consent from both parent and carer taking full responsibility for their safety and specifying the date and times for which this permission is been given.

All parents must refrain from intervening with discipline or coaching.

Use appropriate verbal and body language at all times. Swearing, offensive language or aggressive and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

It is your responsibility to ensure your child's licence is valid at the date of competition.

All competition entry fees must be paid promptly by date advised.

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