Club Policies

Code of Conduct for Students

Students must respect and obey the instructor, fellow students and show respect for the Dojo.

Bow before entering or leaving the Dojo.

If you are late you must ask permission to join the class. You do this by standing to attention at the corner of the Dojo until the instructor acknowledges you. After bowing, the instructor will signal you to join in with the class.

You may ask questions during class by raising your hand and waiting to be recognised. Instructors are to be addressed as 'Sensei'.

If your belt comes loose, quickly step to the side, retie your belt and resume training.

You may not leave the Dojo at any point during training without the permission of the instructor.

You may not chew gum, talk or use inappropriate language.

Students karate suit 'Gi' should be clean and tidy. Longer length hair must be tied back. No hair grips, plastic headbands or any decorative hair accessory must be worn. No jewellery can be worn. New piercings must be covered with a first aid plaster/tape.

Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Verbal warnings will be given. If an instructor deems a student to be disruptive following warnings, parent / carer will be informed and may lead to permanent exclusion from Kombatkids.

Under no circumstances must a student under 14 years of age leave the Dojo at the end of the lesson unaccompanied by their parent / carer. All students must be collected from the Dojo. Unless there is an authorised written agreement with the instructor and the parent / carer.

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