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Finlay Church was an amazing young man who left a lasting legacy behind him of raising awareness for Brain Tumour Research, and children suffering with Cancer. Finlay passed away on 25th November 2015

Finlay was Funny, Intelligent, articulate and a real joy to be around, he had an amazing amount of courage, will power and determination. This is his journey Finlay's Journey Presentation

Finlay was born on the 20th of May 2004, he attended Alvechurch Middle School and was a very keen sportsman playing, Cricket, Rugby and football, and was good at all, Karate was Finlays first love.

Fin joined Kombatkids in 2011 and started karate training with Sensei Jags at Barnt Green on a Friday night, Grandad Jobby enjoyed bringing Fin to the classes and took a great interest in his Karate training Fin was a very popular member of the class. After working his way through the belts he then started training for his Black Belt in 2015, attending Black belt courses and working hard towards his dream of becoming a 1st Dan black Belt. 

Finlay was diagnosed with a Brain tumour in June 2014, battling three operations, Chemotherapy, a clinical trial and 12 weeks of daily radiotherapy, he gained 20kg in weight from steroids had partial seizures and lost the use of his left hand side, ultimately being bed bound.

During this time Finlay became a Guiness World record holder - A new World record for the most teddy bears in a row 15,5534. All about the bears with bear chaos
Pride of Birmingham Child of Courage award
Child of Courage Young Fundraiser award
Chief Constables Commendation award
and raised the outstanding amount of £90,000 fundraising for BCH and Brain Tumour Research.

Memories of Fin from his karate Pals

Penny and Wayne organised many Fundraising events the Angels Without Wings ball and an online auction in conjunction with the ball raised an incredible £53000.

Wayne, family and friends from Alvechurch got together to make a bare calendar raising more funds for BCH and Brain Tumour Research.


Due to Fin being unable to continue his karate training it was decided that Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan would award him an honorary 1st and 2nd Dan black belt. Selina, Steve, Jags and Sensei Sakagami travelled to Finlays house and spent a few hours talking to Finlay about Karate and his fundraising achievements. Finlay was awarded his honorary grades infront of Penny and Wayne his parents and both sets of grandparents. The day was very emotional, but very rewarding, there is no one who deserved this award more than Finlay, he showed all the characteristics of a true Martial artist, strength, will power, compassion, and a real joy in the practice and learning of Karate he gave 100% all of the time. Black Belt Award Pictures

Finlays dream was to become a Policeman when he grew up, West Midlands Police provided the opportunity for Fin to shoot a Taser gun and saw the Armageddon scenario riot training. Fin and family absolutely loved the day. 

As time passed we got to know Wayne and Penny and the family and felt that we could raise awareness of Brain Tumour Research and raise money for Fins Just giving fund, through the generosity of our Karate parents we ran several campaigns that helped raise valuable funds.

Kombatkids organised several events the first being Finlays big bandage campaign in 2014. As many children as possible were encouraged to wear a bandage in the classes and raised a fantastic £1041 for Birmingham Childrens Hospital.


Instructors Sensei Steve, Ricky, Lyle, Jamie and Stuart had their hair shaved off in an event
Going Bald For Finlay, with Finlay showing off his hairdressing skill to cut off the final piece of hair off each instructor raising £1612.

In 2015 Kombatkids male instructors grew moustaches for the month of Movember, again all the children in the classes were encouraged to wear a moustache in the classes and raised a fabulous £1082.60

Fins funeral was held at Alvechurch Cemetery, Fin was given a guard of honour by West Midlands Police, and Sensei Steve, Lyle, Jamie and Jags (Fins club sensei) and Sakagami Sensei 8th Dan were given the honour of carrying Fins coffin into the church Saying Goodbye and honouring Fins memory and legacy.

Finlay Church definitely made a difference to many peoples lives, his bravery and his good humour made him a very likeable young man. Finlay was an inspirational character and certainly lived his short life to the full, he had the most caring wonderful parents and family you could ever wish for, he will live in our hearts for ever.


Finlay Church Memorial Award
Penny and Wayne have donated a trophy the Finlay Church Memorial Award that is to be awarded yearly by themselves at the Black belt grading to the most suitable Black Black belt candidate who fulfils the criteria of most deserving student. The chosen student will have to demonstrate that they have gone beyond the pail or coped wth adversity whilst training, and demonstrate Finlays spirit and enthusiasm, this is a very special award.

Big Hope Strong Will
To remember Finlay, honour his achievements and to continue his fundraising for Brain Tumour Research, there is to be a yearly Memorial Karate Course featuring Sensei Steve 5th Dan, Sensei Paul 4th Dan, Sensei Jamie 4th Dan, Sensei Lyle 3rd Dan and Sensei Jags 3rd Dan. All funds will go towards Brain Tumour Research. The first Memorial Course is on Sunday September 18th 2016.

Finlay Church a true Kombatkid 

To donate money for Brain Tumour Research or Birmingham Childrens Hospital go to Finlays Just giving page: Finlays Journey Just Giving page

To read Finlays inspirational journey in greater detail see his Facebook page: 
Finlays Journey Facebook Page 

To visit finlay's web site follow the link

The fight still goes on Brain Tumour Cancers are the biggest killers of UK children, take a look at the brain Tumour Research web site for more information and fundraising ideas.



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