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Training and Membership Costs for Beginners & New Members

The first 5 Karate sessions are FREE approx. saving £25 .

Parents are not under pressure to join our club as soon as they walk through the door, as parents ourselves we know that it takes 2 to 3 weeks to make your mind up when choosing a new activity for your child, you are given adequate time to choose whether kombatkids is the right club for you. Likewise we can determine wether Karate training in our classes is suitable for your child by offering trial lessons. If an individual instructor feels that a child is not going to benefit from training in our classes you will be advised to maybe bring them back when they are older, when they are more mature and can respond to the instructions and discipline expected in the classes. 

Unlike many clubs there are no contracts to sign, or direct debits. If after joining a student decides they no longer want to train just notify the association that the student is leaving and the student or parent has no comeback from the association.

Training with Kombatkids.com is not an expensive activity, once you have joined there is no equipment needed other than a sparring kit, which doesn't need to be worn until Yellow belt and above. The only things that are paid for are the class fees, grading fees and a yearly licence fee,  there are no other hidden costs.

Class fees range from £5 to £6 per session depending on the experience and grade of the instructor you choose to train with. Class fees are paid by the half term in advance (amount of weeks to that half term x the class fee) A family with 3 children training, there is no charge for the the third child.

Families with 3 children Training
The 3rd Child trains for free, and grades for free also, their licence is free for the first year, Membership is reduced to £20 per student for all 3 children, which includes the Karate Suit and membership pack. 

Please note: Class fees are not refundable. Should a student miss a lesson they have the option to attend an alternative class their instructor offers at no extra cost.

Club Membership is £40 for the first child joining, £30 for the second child joining and £20 for the third child joining which includes a quality Karate Suit with a White belt, and embroidered association sew on badge, an online grading Syllabus (Gives you all the information that you need to know to take a grading), a Kombatkids pencil case containing pen, ruler and a pencil and an A5 Membership wallet to keep your paperwork.

The licence fee is £47 per year, this ensures that the student is covered with personal injury insurance and is a registered member of Kombat Federation. It is mandatory for gradings and is required for participation in all competitions. The licence is renewed on a yearly basis. It is the students or parents responsibility if under 16 years of age to make sure that the licence is valid to attend classes and gradings. This also covers students for continued membership to Kombat Federation.

**Member and licence is non refundable**

Every student receives a licence booklet which contains a full grading record up to 7th Dan, a record of courses attended and an oath of responsibility that is signed by the student. As the student moves through the grades the licence is signed and stamped with our official association stamp

The grading fee is £35 per grading per student, this includes the grading examination by your own club instructor, your licence being stamped with your official grade, a quality certificate with the students name written in calligraphy and a quality Karate belt awarded by Kombat Federation.

NB Gradings are held four times per year in March, June, October & December

All students who reach Yellow Belt and above (After approximately 1 years training in Karate lessons) will need to purchase a quality full sparring kit comprising of boots, mitts and a Gum shield costing £30, this is an essential item to make sure that both students are protected adequately to avoid injuries. NB Students are only allowed to wear T Sport or Adidas Sparring kits which are featured on our site no others are allowed.

All children start off training for 1 hour per week. When children reach the grade of 8th Kyu Yellow Belt, students are expected to train for a minimum of 2 sessions per week. This will be in an intermediate or advanced class with their own instructor. 

Please note only the sparring kit which is featured on our web site www.kombatkids.com is allowed to be worn (as allowed at official English Karate Federation competitions) Head guards are not needed because with Juniors there should be no contact or touch contact allowed to the head, students are expected to fight with control and discipline focusing on developing good technique not brute force. This will be strictly enforced by all instructors so that all students can fight safely.

Why should you choose Kombatkids for your child

We are affiliated to the English Karate Federation (EKF), the British karate Federation (BKF) & The World Karate Federation (WKF). Which means we are committed to offer a high standard of tuition, safety, and opportunity for all abilities of students.

Our Association Kombat Federation is also affiliated to Wado Kai England which is a group of associations all training in Wado Karate.

Wado Kai England is run directly by Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan, it is affiliated directly to the Japanese Karate Federation based in Tokyo Japan.

The JKF Wadokai is an internationally renowned Karate organization consisting of 1350 branches within Japan and 250 groups outside Japan.

Through being part of this organization our serious competition students have the opportunity to attend selections for European Championships held every year and World Championships held every 4 years in Japan. See Below

26 years of providing quality karate classes in many areas of the UK

Students are taught the traditional art of karate in a modern progressive way, with the benefits of Sportsscience, Sport Psychology and Scientific thinking in preparing the students.

A minimum of 5 free lessons for all beginners, plenty of time to make your mind up before joining, definitely no pressure on parents.

Many students with special needs (Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Autism, Aspergers etc) train with us successfully going on to achieve Black belts, entering competitions and improving their confidence and self belief. 

Our Competitive fees for gradings, membership, licence & class fees are on our web site, there are no hidden costs

We teach Traditional Wado  Karate taught to the highest standards.

We have regular technical advice from top Japanese Wado Karate instructor Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan

Only UK karate club that takes Gradings and Licences payments online.

Over 120 clubs to choose from, beginners, intermediate & advanced

Any family with three children, the third child trains for free

All instructors are Enhanced CRB Checked and hold a Valid First Aid Qualification (taken every 3yrs)

All instructors hold coaching awards recognised by the English Karate Federation

All instructors are qualified association referees in Kumite (Fighting) and Kata

Safe, Structured & welcoming classes where students can improve their confidence and Karate techniques

Parents are welcome to watch all classes

Classes are paid for by the half term only to the club instructor.

Excellent value training and gradings

Appointed Child Protection Officer & Full time Association Secretary NSPCC Qualified

1000 Black Belt 1st Dans, 280 Black Belt 2nd Dans, 26 Black Belt 3rd Dans, 3 Black Belt 4th Dans, 1 5th Dan

Regular Regional Squad training sessions for competitions

Hundreds of medals won in fighting and kata in tournaments at National and International level

Opportunity to compete at regional, National & International Competitions

Opportunity to undertake selections for the EKF National squad in Kumite (Fighting)

Only karate club that keeps parents informed regularly through our smartsend system (a form of parentmail)


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