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A Brief History of Kombat Federation 1992 to 2018

Steve has twenty five years teaching experience and forty years of martial arts training. Steve has been in the fitness industry for many years teaching aerobics, step aerobics, weight training, gym instruction and his passion for the martial arts has played a bigger role. The first karate class attended was in Lichfield and then went onto train at the renowned Temple karate centre in Birmingham in the 80's under Toru Takimazawa 6th Dan. From here Steve went onto train with Fred Rose and Roger Vickerman in their respective dojos.

Toru Takimizawa Temple Karate Centre

Kombat Federation was established in 1992 by Steve and Selina, comprising of a very small group of students with only Steve teaching. We were affiliated to UKASKO in Manchester, entering tournaments on a regular basis all over the country. CKSA were teaching Kickboxing and Karate at this time.  Students entered the Cimac World Cup on a number of occasions where the fighting was particularly hard. Selina and Steve attended many competitions particularly in Stockport, Manchester and Liverpool area. 

In 1995 Kombat Federation went independent teaching Karate and Kickboxing and opening their first club in Walsall. Kombat Federation karate were the first in the Midlands to offer specialised classes in teaching 'children only' exclusively, with no adults training alongside. Classes were in demand and Steve at that time taught seven days a week. The success of KF's method of organisation and teaching karate led to opening more classes around the Walsall borough.  Steve could no longer take on any more classes and was in need of assistance to grow further. After a number of years training potential instructors, Kombat Federation were able to start many new classes in the Midlands area.

 In 2002 Steve started training regularly with Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan and decided to affiliate with Wadokai England. This period was interesting as the clubs were growing and at this stage after much discussion by Steve and Selina decided to focus totally on Karate and forget Kickboxing altogether. Selina and Steve felt kickboxing was limited and really wanted to focus in depth on a traditional martial art. Kombat Federationl would now only teach traditional Karate Kata, basics and pair work and follow Sakagami's teaching of Wado. Sakagami Sensei had started leading Steve, on the right path of trying to master Karate technique properly

Over the years Peter May 7th Dan has worked closely with the Kombat Kids Kata squad as a guest instructor and squad coach, there is no doubt that through his input Kombat Federation have produced excellent kata students and continue to do so.

Another huge influence on both Selina, Steve and instructor Paul was Phil Snewin 5th Dan. All three started studying Kobujutsu the Classical Okinanwan weapons system with Sensei Snewin.  Again this was a step forward in the right direction in reaching a greater understanding of Martial Arts.

Over the years we have been to various European tournaments and were very lucky to go to the Wadokai World Cup in Japan 2005 & 2015

Selina and Steve have developed very good relations with many organisations within the martial arts world over the years.

In 2009 Kombat Federation, now a completely independent association, affiliated to the English Karate Federation. Chief Instructor Steve and Senior Instructor Paul continue to train with Sensei Sakagami privately on a weekly basis.

Kombat Federation have a dedicated team of excellent instructors and have over 85 clubs in the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Worcestershire. We have had students in the EKF England Kumite A squad and have benefited from training with the past EKF National Coach Wayne Otto OBE. 

In 2014 Kombat Federation afiliated to Wado Kai England. Wado kai England is a group of associations all training in Wado Karate that provides monthly squad sessions held in Leicester. Wado Kai England is run directly by Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan. It is affiliated directly to the Japanese Karate Federation based in Tokyo Japan.

The JKF Wadokai is an internationally renowned Karate organisation consisting of 1350 branches within Japan and 250 groups outside Japan. Through being members of this organisation our serious competition students will have the opportunity to attend selections for European Championships held every year and World Championships held every 4 years in Japan. 




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