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Black Belt Masters Seminar with Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan 2015

Black Belt Masters Seminar with sensei Sakagami 8th Dan 2016
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Sakagami Kuniaki 8th Dan Honbucho

President Of Wado Kai England
President of Aiwakai Karate Do Federation
President of Federation European Wadokai
Chief technical advisor and technician to Kombat Federation

Sensei Sakagami Honbucho is a highly respected wado instructor being one of the original students of Grandmaster Ohtsuka. Teaching duties involve Mr Sakagami visiting Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Great Britain on a regular basis passing on his considerable wealth of experience and techniques to students all over Europe.

Kombat Federation are very proud to have been associated with Sensei Sakagami for a number of years, all of our students follow his teachings. Kombat Federation are fortunate to have Sakagami sensei as a guest instructor on a regular basis to pass on his knowledge and experience.

Sensei Moore 5th Dan, Sensei Cicarella 4th Dan have 2hr private lessons with Sensei Sakagami on a weekly basis, covering the major components of the system of Wado Karate for Kombat Federation.

Sensei Sakagami teaches all of KF's instructors on specific instructor courses, where Sakagami Sensei passes on his knowledge through many years of training.

Kuniaki Sakagami was born in the City of Toyohashi, Japan, in 1944. He started training in Wado-Ryu Karate in May 1959 aged 14 years old, under the tution of Mr T. Suzuki at the Toyohashi Dojo.

After graduating from local High School, he entered Aichi University to study Economics. Such was his eagerness to become more deeply involved in Wado-Ryu he decided to continue training at the City Dojo as well as the University Club; this was considered even by University Students standards, a very austere way of training.

During his University period he entered many University and All Styles Contests winning the Tokai University Area Championships and the Tokai Area All Style Championships consecutivly , ( 1965 - 1966 ), placing in the All Style University Championships of Japan; and finally culminating in becoming University Karate Club Captain, a prestigious position that is only held by the most talented of Karate-Ka.

 On graduating from Aichi University in March 1967 he worked for the Fujiki Shipping Company. At this moment in time Wado-Ryu Karate was beginning to expand in Europe. Mr Sakagami was then offered a teaching post in Neuremburg, Germany, by Mr T. Suzuki. He taught Wado-Ryu throughout Germany until May 1970, he was then transferred to Birmingham, England, where he has been resident for over 20 years.

Sakagami Sensei, was awarded 4th Dan in 1968, 5th Dan 1972, 6th Dan 1978 and 7th Dan in 1989 from Wado-Ryu Headquarters in Japan. Over the past years while being resident in England he has trained many Kumite and Kata Champions, some of them going on to win World Championship Titles. The Wado-Ryu Awakai Karate-Do Federation was founded by Mr Sakagami in 1989 and continues to flourish throughout Great Britain under his expert tution.  



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