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Kombat Federation are affiliated to the English Karate Federation (EKF). The only governing body for karate in England that is recognised by the British Karate Federation BKF,  World Karate Federation WKF and the International Olympic Committee. Which means a high standard of tuition, safety, and opportunity has to be provided for all abilities of students.



We are also affiliated to Wado Kai England, who are directly affiliated to the Japanese Karate Federation based in Tokyo Japan. Students can attend selections for European Championships held once per year and World Championships held in Japan every 4 years.

The JKF Wadokai is an internationally renowned Karate organisation consisting of 1350 branches within Japan and 250 groups outside Japan.

Kombat Federation was established in 1992 by Steven and Selina Moore specialising in teaching karate to children from four years of age to adults. Kombat Federation is very much a family run business with all members of the family involved with teaching and admin. It all started off with just one small club in Walsall and has now expanded to many areas of the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Worcestershire. Now reputed as being one of the countries leading karate associations.

Kombat Federation have a team of highly trained Karate Instructors.
All are First Aid Qualified, Enhanced DBS Checked, Minimum Level 3 English Karate Federation coaches, hold NSPCC Child Protection in Sport certificates and are Association qualified Kumite and Kata Referees.


Kombat Federation will always strive
to offer a safe friendly environment to train in, offering the best coaching skills to its students. In return the student will be expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner, respecting the training area, sensei, fellow students and parents at all times.

Kombat Federation are proud to have had students selected for:
Wado Kai World Cup, Tokyo Japan 2005
Japanese National Championships Tokyo Japan in 2005.
Federation European Wadokai Championships England 2005, England 2006, Sweden 2007, Romania 2008
Funakoshi Cup Poland 2012
International Open Wasquehal France 2013
Junior WKF European Championships Portugal 2014
World University Karate Championships, Montenegro 2014 
Wado kai World Cup in Nagoya Japan 2015
International Open Wasquehal France 2015
Banzai Cup, Berlin, Germany 2015
European Karate Championships Montpellier, France 2016
World University Karate Championships, Portugal 2016
Reyjavic International Games Iceland 2017
FEW European Wadokai Championships England 2014, Hungary 2015, Belgium 2016, Italy 2017, Ireland 2018
Wadokai All Nations championships 2018

Kombat Federation are proud to have had 5 students in the EKF England National  Kumite A Squad.

Rowdiness, a bad attitude and over zealous fighting will not be tolerated, all students will be taught to control themselves and to always think of how their actions can affect others.

Bullying both verbal and physical will be dealt with severely, and will result in loss of membership. On completion of the third week of training, if the student is suitable they will have the opportunity to become a full member of Kombat Federation.

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There are no false promises given. Your child will become a competent karateka if they train regularly. Students will learn to be more assertive and will receive high quality tuition to reach their martial art potential.

Students are expected to practice in their own time to pass their gradings and will only move forwards in their karate training by working hard in the classes, attending courses, listening to their sensei and following their advice.

All students have to train for a minimum of five years to be eligible for a Black belt 1st Dan grading. All students who pass a Black belt grading before the age of 18 years are classed as Junior Dan grades only. Students have to be over 14 to be considered for a Junior 3rd Dan grading exam.

Many students who have gone on to achieve the rank of Black belt have various Special Needs, namely: Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. Karate is a recommended activity which helps kids with Dyspraxia.

Over 27 years Kombat Federation have Produced 1218 1st Dan's, 377 2nd Dan's, 38 3rd Dan's, 4th Dan's, 1 5th Dan

We cater for all abilities of student. Many children who lack confidence or who are bullied or may have learning difficulties attend classes on a regular basis and train alongside their friends and grow in confidence gradually through the training and grading process.

Why should you choose Kombatkids

Students are taught the Traditional art of karate in a modern progressive way, with the benefits of Sports science, Sport Psychology and Scientific thinking in preparing the students.

A minimum of 5 free lessons for all beginners, plenty of time to make your mind up before joining, definitely no pressure on parents.

Our Competitive fees for gradings, membership, licence & class fees are on our web site, there are no hidden costs Gradings are held four times per year in March, June, October & December

Regular technical advice from top Japanese Wado Karate instructor Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan

Only UK karate association that takes Gradings and Licences payments online.

Over 120 clubs to choose from beginners, intermediate & advanced

Any family with three children, the third child trains for free

Safe, Structured & welcoming classes where students can improve their confidence and Karate techniques

Parents are welcome to watch all classes

Classes are paid for by the half term only to the club instructor.

Excellent value training and gradings

Appointed Child Protection Officer & Full time Association Secretary NSPCC Qualified

Regular Regional Squad training sessions for competitions

Hundreds of medals won in fighting and kata in tournaments at National and International level

Opportunity to compete at regional, National & International Competitions

Opportunity to undertake selections for the EKF National squad in Kumite (Fighting)

Only karate association that keeps parents informed regularly through our smartsend system (a form of electronic parent mail)

Parents are welcome and encouraged to watch the classes at any time.

Parents who are interested in their children taking part in karate classes can come along to any of the beginners classes advertised and  will receive a very warm welcome from Steve, Selina and the team. 





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